AIESEC is present in all parts of the world. We have a global network that strives to make the world a beYer place through leadership development and peace while standing up for fundamental human rights.

Non Partisan

AIESEC chooses peace above all and therefore does not have a pre-defined or officially accepted poliGcal tendency or subscription.


AIESEC as a global network is not a subsidiary or an enGty that is dependent on any other bodies in its work, sustainability or decision-making. As an organisaGon we are free to set our own goals and pursue them.


AIESEC's main goal is to develop leadership for young people to have a positive impact in the world. We use our resources sustainably to generate impact rather than making profit for shareholders.


AIESEC is completely run by youth for youth.


Welcome to AIESEC 2025

Every 5 years AIESEC designs its mid-term direction, which unites all its members around the world towards one goal. You are living very memorable moment of AIESEC as organization. Only once in a few years there is a planning process happens for next semi decade. Below you can find all information about AIESEC 2025.

Our Culture

AIESEC 2025 leads our organization in the direction of sustainability, leadership focus and emphasis on the value of partnerships. In order for us to be able to achieve it, we cannot overlook one of the most important components which defines the success of organizations - culture. By 2025, we want to take full ownership for the present, actively shape the future, be the ones leading the change and be proud of being the generation 2025.

We take full ownership for what happened in the past and brought us where we are today. We actively learn from the past in order to be able to improve in the future. No matter how big the challenges, we are not afraid to find solutions to overcome them.

We believe we are the creators of our future and we are not afraid to take actions to shape it. We take ownership for the future beyond just our generation. We understand everything we do today will contribute to what AIESEC will look like tomorrow.

We understand in order for progress to happen, each of us needs to lead the change. No matter your role, experience or entity, your contribution is essential for the success of AIESEC. We move towards achievement of our dreams while capitalizing on the collective power of people who build it.